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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm not boy.

Hey ho!

Some of you (prob not many of you) may not what I'm referring to in the title. I picked up a neo geo pocket when I was in the "Kingdom of Fife" at Glenrothes visiting the aunts with my folks. It was one of those boring weekends where I didn't go out on sat night and did sod all so I more than made up for it on the Sunday when I was up in Glenrothes and picked up a neo geo pocket with samurai showdown 2 (unboxed) and metal slug first mission at gamestation (GAME doesn't so old consoles pfft)

The console it's self is nice and light and has some basic calendar function and time and date etc. The joystick is microswitched the buttons are responsive as I said earlier a joy to hold. The games are quirky and cool. One thing that does annoy me is there is no back light! But then this handheld was made in the late 90's to compete with the all mighty game boy colour. It's a shame that it didn't last longer on the market it's a pretty nifty machine! It's a 16bit processor inside but the games don't really look 16bit to me (I'm using the megadrive/snes as comparisons) but still a cool machine none the less. Did I mention it's cool?

Today I also got red dwarf series five with a corgi star bug! All for 8.99 bargain.

Oh if you're one of those lucky people to own a xbox 360 pick up DOA4 it's freeking sweet.

Well that was a rather geek infested rant this time something different for the next!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

What a difference a day (or two!) makes

Hey all!

As you recall from my last post I wasn't exactly having the greatest time at work. Well after speaking to the person and finding out it wasn't them who actually said anything about it (I assume it was one of there family members who work there) the worker just filled in the details after getting a phone call from the person who got told about the events.

But hey after getting my balls grabbed I suddenly became back in favor after having to cover a shift tonight (Friday) because the supervisor who was supposed to be working had pulled yet another sickie, a sore neck that was really hard to move so I believe. But hey it's prob true (although the days this person has been off in the past begs to differ)

I couldn't do the entire the shift because I had some stuff to do but I was getting comments like "we appreciate it" and so forth. I'm sure they do till I do something wrong again and get hauled in to the office! Hopefully that won't happen in the near future anyway!

And before I go if you're a fan of the 80's toy transformers head to this link and give them lookie

cya soon for another rant!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pissing off an employee but not knowing you did!

Interesting post this a little incite to the life of the Scotsman!

I have to tell you the boring the bit so you'll understand the story. I work in a supermarket as a checkout supervisor at nights. Now the supervisors duties include stuff like counting the tills, cleaning them etc and of course customer servicey type stuff like packing bags and shit.

One of the checkouts converer belts was broken and one of the staff had a ton of shopping so you can imagine the scene with this piling up and the belt not working LOL. The checkout boy asked me to help pack but I thought he was joking as it was member of staff so I went off on a pretend rant (I do that sometimes with staff members they usually find it funny, it's a bit of banter as it's called)

So I went spoke to another member of staff and the one buying the stuff at the broken checkout came across and was saying things like "that was terrible customer service" etc I thought she was joking and made some random comment like "write a letter of complaint to the store" and didn't think another thing about it.

Well that was till I was promptly called upstairs today (Tuesday) and this member of staff had called one of the deputy heads and complained eek! Needless to say I got in trouble I didn't get torn into because I'm generally regarded as a good worker apparently. So after about 15mins of discussion and my balls metaphorically grabbed and torn off, I'll now be saying "sorry" to this member of staff tomorrow as they weren't in today.

But in all fairness I should done what they asked after all it IS part of my job. So there you go folks be careful what you say in front of fellow staff members encase they take it the wrong way!

Although an interesting development has happened through this but I'll save that for another blog!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Perfect Dark Zero Time!

As you know this is a follow up to the Xbox 360 hardware rant.

Firstly I think it's unfair that this is getting compared to Halo, Indeed Halo is a much better game but it's a completely different kind of FPS to me anyway. So I will NOT be comparing PDZ to halo throughout this rant.

Firstly the graphics are just WOW even on the standard TV (I can't afford your swish HDTV types yet) You won't really notice just how wow the graphics are until you get to the some of the later levels but there is no way the Xbox could produce a looker like this. I was saying to my Swedish friend the first day I got the 360 how lovely the main Character J. Dark arse looked! It puts Ms crofts to shame! The jungle level is amazing and you can easily get lost in it if you didn't have those helpful arrows on the floor showing you the way to go.

Which takes me to the actual gameplay subject. Now, I haven't played Perfect Dark on the N64 so I can't say if it plays like that or not, but what I can say is that it plays wonderfully. The first level is a training level and it gets you used to the controls pretty sharply.

Interesting things you can do is properly take cover and sneak out and shoot you start of with a weak gun but you can kill people with some nice headshots! Other moves include a dive so you can dodge enemy fire which works fairly well you can dodge and shoot at near enough the same time.

A few gadgets are at your disposal. You have two types of lock hacking gadgets, binoculars and a demo kit (for blowing up stuff of course) Each of these has a mini puzzle to it nothing to taxing though! And you get a spy cam that you use to spy on the enemy and other things!

You do get to control a couple of vehicles ala halo (remember NOT comparing) although these parts are short and sweet and you can of course mount the odd gun turret.

Other than that the game is fairly normal FPS the enemy is intelligent and will hide and take cover which is clever but annoyed me when I was trying to get that perfect shot!

Storyline wise it's your usual spy mission impossible-esque plot but I won't spoil that for you.

All in all it's a great game and should be one of the first 360 games you buy! Rare is indeed on form with this title, some magazines have slated it but don't let that put you off. If you don't believe my rant rent it you'll buy it and you can thank me!

Next Rant: I haven't a clue! Wait and see what gets posted!

Xbox 360 A scots verdict

So the Xbox 360 is it good or bad (fuck knows it took me long enough to get one but I'll get into that on another topic)

I thought I should at least complete a game before I wrote a verdict on the 360 although I doubt that matters TOO much.

The console it's self is loaded with a ton of a neat features. I'll talk about the hardware/software side of the console in this rant and about Perfect Dark Zero in my next.

Turning on the console can be done in two ways either by pressing or rather lightly touching the circle on the console switches it on OR you can switch it on via the control pad by simply pressing the "X" circle button on the pad! While this is a neat feature is does make one think that Microsoft see gamers as too lazy to get up off their asses to switch on the machine!

Also on the power button/pad you have a green half circle. On the power button the half circle indicates how many control pads you have and on the pad the half of the circle is what player you will be while playing a game e.g. top left player 1. You can stand up the console ala Playstation 2 and a neat feature is that the half circle moves to the correct position as well sweet!

You can now open the disk tray via the control pad a nice but unnecessary feature because for some reason you can't re-open it (at least to my knowledge) once a disk is in the drive without pressing the eject button on the console.

Setting up xbox live couldn't be easier. Well I only transferred my account over and that took a matter of seconds. Providing you have created a gamer account on the ms website you just have to fill in a few details and bam!! You're done!

On xbox live you can download demos of games (sadly not king Kong as of yet) and they've updated the xbox live arcade as well.

Another feature of the 360 is that you can connect USB items such as a mp3 player and use it to play music (duh) through the 360 player and it's excellent looking visualization mode it puts all the rest especially windows media one to shame! It was developed by Jeff minter a UK programmer hero who made attack of the mutant camels among other games.

You can play WMV movies but you need to have windows media centre on your pc and I don't so I can't comment on that feature!

The control is a absolute JOY to hold they've moved the black and white buttons to the top of the pad which is a bit strange at first but you get used to it. You are best getting a wireless pad even if you bought the core system as it feels so much better and you're not restricted by a wire. You can either use two AA batteries or you can buy a plug and play charge kit. Seeing as I've only had the console for about 6 days the AA batteries that I got with the console are still running fine and they look really cheap and nasty so I imagine something like Panasonic Xtreme batteries will last a good month or more.

So then do I like the Xbox 360? gee's didn't you read my blog?

Next Rant: Xbox 360 the games: Perfect Dark Zero

Sunday, January 15, 2006


An interesting heading for a first post don't you think?

But there's a point to the heading. I'm a wrestling fan and in a recent ep of WWE Raw one of the female wrestlers called "lita" had a nipple flash in a pointless "Live sex segment" now obviously you weren't supposed to see anything like that, after all the show goes out at 8 in the states and it's shown live in sky in the UK.

In the states and some other countries this boob flash wasn't shown but as you might have guessed screen caps of this "nip slip" have been plastered about on the net and everyone is going mad over it! It's bloody crazy you can't really make it out but you're reading replies to posts like "if you squint really hard you can see her nipple" What the fu*k it's only a nipple! You can get far better than it on the internet even without looking for it!

I really don't understand the madness of it!

The blog is still a work a progress as far as the design goes, in the mean time why checkout those two lovely link blogs of people I know you won't be disapointed!

NEXT RANT: Xbox 360 my verdict coming soon