The Rants of a Scotsman

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Politics of the Workplace.......

Been ages since I wrote a blog! But I very much doubt many people ever read this so I don't mind to be honest.

Been right fucked off by "backroom politics" at work people bitching about me behind my back. If people have a problem with me then they should man up and tell me mono e mono. It did reveal to me an ugly side of the place which I thought I had long left behind in my previous employers. God the backstabbing there was terrible!

On the bright side it also enlightened me to the people I can trust in the place and not the people I immediately thought it would be. Surprising indeed. After this rant however I am not gonna hold a grudge or seek revenge, this a way of expeling it from my being. Revenge is NEVER justified.

Finally moved into a place with my fiancee and it's a pretty nice house now that all the problems have been fixed! I won't go into them, but I will say that the company we are renting the place from have been pretty quick off the mark to sort them and we recently had the three month check up and everything was ok phew! Hope to renew the lease when it comes up after the six month period. Just have to see what happens.

Still collecting my transformers figures and loved the fact I finally got a hold of a classics Cliffjumper! Are rare figure and a re-paint of classics Bumblebee but well worth getting hold of. Now I need to get his upgrade kit to make him look more like Cliffjumper and less like Bumblebee!

Don't worry if you don't know what I'm talking about stumblers onto this blog it's ok it's just my hobby in life. :)

Video game wise I'm really out the loop these days, which is a shame in a way as I used to keep up to date with the gaming scene. It's hard to have gaming, wrestling and transformers as hobbies so one will always suffer I guess, not enough hours in the day. And of course work saps so much free time, Ah to be a student again. Actually fuck that! lol.

Completed Gears of War 3 a nice ending to the trilogy indeed.

One last thing before I go, here's a link to my youtube page folks. It's mainly going to be transformer reviews of figures I own with odd other figure (seeThundercats SDCC11 Lion-o) and the odd VLOG. But if you know someone who collects transformers then please pass on my youtube site, I could do with the subscribers!

Thanks again!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

This is the last time.............Until the next time

Well its been a while since I've been blogging. Not really been much to blog about really. Been house hunting in the private sector and find a house myself and the other life liked.

However (there's always one in there eh?) the up front cost that was needed was far to great sadly (it was £1,105) So that was really a big blow to both of us and some stressfulness insued. Much needed steam was let off last night however (more on last night later) and we are looking at some other houses hopefully if viewings and they actual houses are still available.

So on to last night. Went out with the missus and a couple of mates just stayed at the one pub and got very drunk just like I used to do in the old days with a few others friends was jolly good! :D Gave my mate his b'day presents, which where to little transformer legends figures (G1 Jazz and Hound) and he was chuffed!

Much chat and drink was consumed and cannot certainly wait for the next time! just a couple of links to share for anyone who stumbles onto this blog site.

Duke Nukem figure for sale on ebay The Duke is still carded rare figure, or so I have been told but money is needed so the duke must go!

And my transformers reviews on youtube! More transformer blogs to come soon!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A week off flies by!

Rather than jump straight in and talk about my week off I thought I might tell you about my week back to reality. Monday (I'm not gonna go through all the days) Was pretty pump. I had to call the inland revenue (they deal with your income tax and i asume other tax related business) stating that they access my records for a company I worked with!

So on the phone I go, oh by the way I got this letter on the saturday and they are conveniently shut on the weekends! Any after going through an ANNOYING automated set of options and then having to wait for 25 freeking minutes to speak to someone they tell me not to worry and they will sort out! How nice! not even a call back to say that its taking care of! I don't want some git in the uk using my NAT insurance number and borking up my tax records and future taxing stuff thank you very much!

Got off the phone made my lunch tried to watch some recorded tv on my freeview recorder box only to listen to it struggle and then suddenly hear this clicking noise coming from it. The hard drive as crashed the clicking was the needle trying to fix itself to no avail.

So I now have (an admitedly swanky) new freeview recorder. Which was money I wasn't wanting to spend as my fiancee and I are trying to save up to get a place of our own. Which brings me to my next point. My fiancee called up the local council trying to find out what our situation was in the housing way of things to get an idea of whats going on.

Only to be told that we really don't have much of a chance getting one because I have a bedroom! What a load of pish! It's gonna end up being private housing and then worrying every 6 months if the landlord decides they want to sell or move back into their prob original council house that they we are paying for! FUCKING MARGRET THATCHER BITCH! IRON LADY INDEED!

So if you're still with me onto my weeks holiday. Celebrated being engaged for a year on Sunday 1st (woo!) with a nice lazy day and chinese buffet. Went to edinburgh for two days stayed over night did some shopping. I managed to finally get a Reveal The Shield Wreck-Gar I've been sorta huming and hawing over at argos, seen Thor, which is awesome and I recommend going to see (and stick to the end of the VERY LONG credits for an extra scene) Stayed in a travel lodge was nice enough just the noise of the traffic that gave me a soso sleep but a good two days none the less!

Was a shame to come back to town on the tuesday evening boo! Celebrated the fiancee's b'day on the Wednesday and went for a lovely meal! Was glad she liked her presents phew!

Just chilled on the thurs and fri. Went out on the sat night and had a right good knees up! Then come Mon back to reality, work. Boo. See above for how that went!

I'll have a more cheerier blog next time folks!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quick catch up

Just a quick blog update while the oven heats up for my soso Asda pizza! I've been up to a lot since I last blogged (mean the blogs before my last update not to long ago) I've changed jobs still in the retail sector of work but far more happier and their is a lot less pressure on my now than there was in my last job and I'm glad of it.

I guess with my last job the bottom line was I couldn't cut as a manager type person. It takes a special kind of person to deal with that type of stress! Anyway I won't be talking to much about my job due to the legal laws that are now in place for these things lol. I will defiantly say I have no problems with my job in anyway and love the place.

The biggest change in my life is that I now have a girlfriend who has became my fiancee and we are getting close to a year on that special day when I proposed to her! (May 1st) I couldn't be happier now and I think it was defiantly a much needed addition to my life and hers I hope hehe!

Currently looking for a house through the council means but I can imagine we will have to end up going private rent in the end.

There has been loads of other things going on in my life some bad some good mostly good and I try not to dwell on the bad and focus on the good!

Anyway with any luck the oven will now be pre-heated and ready for my pizza!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm back! Kinda.....

Not gonna blog about anything at the moment but when I can find something to rant or confess my love of that I feel I can share I shall update the place!

-Ranting Scotsman

Thursday, August 10, 2006

There can be only one............

Well if you haven't guessed it I'm starting off my talk about The Highlander, not the films but rather the series.

I've seen the odd ep on FX but today the first season DVD boxset dropped through my door and I've watched the first ep. I'm liking it so far, ok pretty hard to judge it on the merits of one or two eps but I like the highlander films (except the third one that's pants) If I was trying to figure how this series fits into the highlander films, it would have to be set before the first film.

But as we know from the films timeliness are thrown out of the window!! Good old Lambert makes an appearance in the first ep of the series which is a welcome bonus. Basically I'm saying I'll love this series!

Gaming wise, I've completed King Kong on the 360 I enjoyed it. It's how a Jurassic park game should be. It's on the rails as I've mentioned linear as heck but worth a play. And if you're a gamerscore WHORE you'll get the full 1000 wack just by going through the game. None of this "play 100 games online to unlock 10 points"

Borrowed TopSpin 2 from a mate, but I hate it, far to hard for my patience these days!

Work is well, work. Direr by the day I've got an app from for somewhere else so hopefully I'll get off my ass and get it down tomorrow and put back in!


Saturday, July 29, 2006


What a powerful tool isn't it?

It's nearly my annual "Gut out my room while my parents are away on holiday because I get peace to do it time" And I was just rummaging about to see what I could keep and what to throw out, etc

Anyway while I was doing that I found my highschool year book from 2001. Even though I was never the most popular person at school and such it still give me a warm feeling just looking at the photos and thinking "If we all knew then what we know now........" and "God we were all just punk kids"

But it was such a good feeling just flicking through the book and seeing friends that you still see and friends of yore long gone somewhere out there.

Well on with the gaming bit.

On monday I popped up to edinburgh (again) and picked up Prey and King Kong at gamestation Prey has already been completed and it was a bloody fun game story line was good if predictable but hey I enjoyed it. A pretty funky FPS with you having to crawl through boxes to get other parts of the level and going up elevator type walls and hanging upside down. Great stuff.

Kong while it's an old game in terms of the 360 (so not that old really) It's fairly linear and the enemys are event triggered meaning they wait for you to cross and invisiable line before attacking. And of course if you go back across that line they turn tail and head to the respective activation points so you can kill them with ease. Thats when you're playing as the hero jack but with kong is a basic mash em up which are fun sections that break up the game!

If you can get it cheap like I did for the 360 £16.99 go for it!

Thats me out folks