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Saturday, January 21, 2006

What a difference a day (or two!) makes

Hey all!

As you recall from my last post I wasn't exactly having the greatest time at work. Well after speaking to the person and finding out it wasn't them who actually said anything about it (I assume it was one of there family members who work there) the worker just filled in the details after getting a phone call from the person who got told about the events.

But hey after getting my balls grabbed I suddenly became back in favor after having to cover a shift tonight (Friday) because the supervisor who was supposed to be working had pulled yet another sickie, a sore neck that was really hard to move so I believe. But hey it's prob true (although the days this person has been off in the past begs to differ)

I couldn't do the entire the shift because I had some stuff to do but I was getting comments like "we appreciate it" and so forth. I'm sure they do till I do something wrong again and get hauled in to the office! Hopefully that won't happen in the near future anyway!

And before I go if you're a fan of the 80's toy transformers head to this link and give them lookie

cya soon for another rant!


  • I had a similar experience at work - im temping at the nhs in manchester so i dont have a proper ID card to get in. After skillfully getting up to the 6th floor without a pass, some cock at a security door started asking me all these questions. I explained who I was, but he wouldnt let me through so I went MENTAL at him, effing and blinding. Anyway, he let me through and I went to my office. After about half an hour, my boss came over to have 'a word.' Apparently, the jobsworth at the door was the head of IT! The next day, he got in the lift with me, but he didnt even look at me, he just faced to wall. One - nil!

    By Blogger Tomleecee, at 11:25 AM  

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