The Rants of a Scotsman

Monday, April 17, 2006

A post before lunch time? Only the proclaimer would dare!

Well then lets get down to business.

Ok rant first. Last week at work was fucking terrible! Well that's not completely true it was fine till Thurs. Thur was just a busy day very busy and it's hard to deal with a lot of customers and bells etc!

Friday was a fucking nightmare mostly because the customer services manager decided to plonk herself in the fag counter while did all the supervising and the shit hit the fan. Then later on in the day I got into trouble with the new manager because the queues built up. Which in fairness to him he had every right to have a go at me.

BUT it didn't help that THREE of my staff left at 5 and no one else was coming in till 6. Which left me with three staff and being good Friday you can imagine it was busy. After getting moaned at I just give up and when the main supervisor for the night came down I just sat on a till for the rest of my shift.

And I had a quiet weekend in prob better than turning to drink although I dunno maybe I should have for the sat at least. Anyway on to something else.

So yes as I mentioned I bought he-man for the PS2 for £3 in mypreviouss blog. And as I expected it sucks even with the cheats it's a buggy mess. Although it's pretty funny as well. One example when I was roaming a forest riding with the battlecat I jumped of a cliff and landed on this blue machine like thing and I got stuck!!! Still for £3 what do you expect eh?

So I decided after much humming and hawing to get the elderscrolls oblivion for the 360. Now I hate RPG's with a passion (that's role playing games for you people not in the know) But by god this game is amazing. It's not a stat cruncher and you're not in those god awful turn based battles they happen in real time.

You can do the main mission if you like but you don't HAVE to there is plenty other things to do in the game. It's set imedievalil times so you can take part in arena challenges and such. If you have a 360 go out and buy this game!

Anyway I'm off for my lunch and then a god damn 2-10 shift at work arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (still I get tues and thurs off woo!)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's been a while I know............

But hey, what are you gonna do about it eh? I've been a busy *cough* lazy ass forgetful *cough* boy!

So what's been going the humble little life of the ranting Scotsman? Well not much really! Things took an interesting turn in work this week when we GASP! Finally got a fucking manager! Everyone has actually been doing some work including the really lazy ass people in the shop I wonder how long the ass kissing will last.

Anyway this manager is a breath of fresh air to the store and a completely different kettle of fish to the previous manager who had been there for a bizzlion years or something. It can all be for the best I guess.

The store is also finally hiring new staff which I guess I'll have to at least help train cause if I don't I'll be in the shit with people that don't know how to work a till! The extra stuff I do for a freeking 50p per hour raise I tell you!

So then my usual games rant well I have Ghost reacon 3 for the 360 while it looks the mutts nuts and finally showing what the 360 has under it's hood the gameplay suffers a little because of it. I've noticed a few bugs in it more noticeable the dodgy A.I In the mission I'm on atm I've to protect a VIP, now with guns a blazing you'd expect him to hide for cover but no he stands out in the open like a dick waiting to be shot! I was ranting at my friends about this on live earlier this evening.

So rather than throw my pad down I played the Tomb Raider Legend demo for the 360 and needless to say I'll be buying it!

It has nice tight solid controls the graphics look lush (believe me there is a noticeable difference between the PS2/Xbox and 360 versions) Lara looks more like a believable human she doesn't have tits as big as two hills now.

Oh yeah I also picked up He-man for the PS2 for £3...................Thats all I'll say about that.

In other news I'm part of the "Consolevania players" don't know what that is? Head here can you guess which one I am (hint the one holding Guardian heroes) apart from that on the site you can download the fantastic consolevania show which is the best games related show I've seen! Check it out you know want too!

Anyway that's me out I'm gonna stare at Emily Booth on FTN's quiz night live!