The Rants of a Scotsman

Friday, May 13, 2011

A week off flies by!

Rather than jump straight in and talk about my week off I thought I might tell you about my week back to reality. Monday (I'm not gonna go through all the days) Was pretty pump. I had to call the inland revenue (they deal with your income tax and i asume other tax related business) stating that they access my records for a company I worked with!

So on the phone I go, oh by the way I got this letter on the saturday and they are conveniently shut on the weekends! Any after going through an ANNOYING automated set of options and then having to wait for 25 freeking minutes to speak to someone they tell me not to worry and they will sort out! How nice! not even a call back to say that its taking care of! I don't want some git in the uk using my NAT insurance number and borking up my tax records and future taxing stuff thank you very much!

Got off the phone made my lunch tried to watch some recorded tv on my freeview recorder box only to listen to it struggle and then suddenly hear this clicking noise coming from it. The hard drive as crashed the clicking was the needle trying to fix itself to no avail.

So I now have (an admitedly swanky) new freeview recorder. Which was money I wasn't wanting to spend as my fiancee and I are trying to save up to get a place of our own. Which brings me to my next point. My fiancee called up the local council trying to find out what our situation was in the housing way of things to get an idea of whats going on.

Only to be told that we really don't have much of a chance getting one because I have a bedroom! What a load of pish! It's gonna end up being private housing and then worrying every 6 months if the landlord decides they want to sell or move back into their prob original council house that they we are paying for! FUCKING MARGRET THATCHER BITCH! IRON LADY INDEED!

So if you're still with me onto my weeks holiday. Celebrated being engaged for a year on Sunday 1st (woo!) with a nice lazy day and chinese buffet. Went to edinburgh for two days stayed over night did some shopping. I managed to finally get a Reveal The Shield Wreck-Gar I've been sorta huming and hawing over at argos, seen Thor, which is awesome and I recommend going to see (and stick to the end of the VERY LONG credits for an extra scene) Stayed in a travel lodge was nice enough just the noise of the traffic that gave me a soso sleep but a good two days none the less!

Was a shame to come back to town on the tuesday evening boo! Celebrated the fiancee's b'day on the Wednesday and went for a lovely meal! Was glad she liked her presents phew!

Just chilled on the thurs and fri. Went out on the sat night and had a right good knees up! Then come Mon back to reality, work. Boo. See above for how that went!

I'll have a more cheerier blog next time folks!