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Thursday, August 10, 2006

There can be only one............

Well if you haven't guessed it I'm starting off my talk about The Highlander, not the films but rather the series.

I've seen the odd ep on FX but today the first season DVD boxset dropped through my door and I've watched the first ep. I'm liking it so far, ok pretty hard to judge it on the merits of one or two eps but I like the highlander films (except the third one that's pants) If I was trying to figure how this series fits into the highlander films, it would have to be set before the first film.

But as we know from the films timeliness are thrown out of the window!! Good old Lambert makes an appearance in the first ep of the series which is a welcome bonus. Basically I'm saying I'll love this series!

Gaming wise, I've completed King Kong on the 360 I enjoyed it. It's how a Jurassic park game should be. It's on the rails as I've mentioned linear as heck but worth a play. And if you're a gamerscore WHORE you'll get the full 1000 wack just by going through the game. None of this "play 100 games online to unlock 10 points"

Borrowed TopSpin 2 from a mate, but I hate it, far to hard for my patience these days!

Work is well, work. Direr by the day I've got an app from for somewhere else so hopefully I'll get off my ass and get it down tomorrow and put back in!



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