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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Politics of the Workplace.......

Been ages since I wrote a blog! But I very much doubt many people ever read this so I don't mind to be honest.

Been right fucked off by "backroom politics" at work people bitching about me behind my back. If people have a problem with me then they should man up and tell me mono e mono. It did reveal to me an ugly side of the place which I thought I had long left behind in my previous employers. God the backstabbing there was terrible!

On the bright side it also enlightened me to the people I can trust in the place and not the people I immediately thought it would be. Surprising indeed. After this rant however I am not gonna hold a grudge or seek revenge, this a way of expeling it from my being. Revenge is NEVER justified.

Finally moved into a place with my fiancee and it's a pretty nice house now that all the problems have been fixed! I won't go into them, but I will say that the company we are renting the place from have been pretty quick off the mark to sort them and we recently had the three month check up and everything was ok phew! Hope to renew the lease when it comes up after the six month period. Just have to see what happens.

Still collecting my transformers figures and loved the fact I finally got a hold of a classics Cliffjumper! Are rare figure and a re-paint of classics Bumblebee but well worth getting hold of. Now I need to get his upgrade kit to make him look more like Cliffjumper and less like Bumblebee!

Don't worry if you don't know what I'm talking about stumblers onto this blog it's ok it's just my hobby in life. :)

Video game wise I'm really out the loop these days, which is a shame in a way as I used to keep up to date with the gaming scene. It's hard to have gaming, wrestling and transformers as hobbies so one will always suffer I guess, not enough hours in the day. And of course work saps so much free time, Ah to be a student again. Actually fuck that! lol.

Completed Gears of War 3 a nice ending to the trilogy indeed.

One last thing before I go, here's a link to my youtube page folks. It's mainly going to be transformer reviews of figures I own with odd other figure (seeThundercats SDCC11 Lion-o) and the odd VLOG. But if you know someone who collects transformers then please pass on my youtube site, I could do with the subscribers!

Thanks again!


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