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Saturday, July 29, 2006


What a powerful tool isn't it?

It's nearly my annual "Gut out my room while my parents are away on holiday because I get peace to do it time" And I was just rummaging about to see what I could keep and what to throw out, etc

Anyway while I was doing that I found my highschool year book from 2001. Even though I was never the most popular person at school and such it still give me a warm feeling just looking at the photos and thinking "If we all knew then what we know now........" and "God we were all just punk kids"

But it was such a good feeling just flicking through the book and seeing friends that you still see and friends of yore long gone somewhere out there.

Well on with the gaming bit.

On monday I popped up to edinburgh (again) and picked up Prey and King Kong at gamestation Prey has already been completed and it was a bloody fun game story line was good if predictable but hey I enjoyed it. A pretty funky FPS with you having to crawl through boxes to get other parts of the level and going up elevator type walls and hanging upside down. Great stuff.

Kong while it's an old game in terms of the 360 (so not that old really) It's fairly linear and the enemys are event triggered meaning they wait for you to cross and invisiable line before attacking. And of course if you go back across that line they turn tail and head to the respective activation points so you can kill them with ease. Thats when you're playing as the hero jack but with kong is a basic mash em up which are fun sections that break up the game!

If you can get it cheap like I did for the 360 £16.99 go for it!

Thats me out folks


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