The Rants of a Scotsman

Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day Funess!

Yeah I know it's been a couple of weeks since my last update but I never said I would make the updates daily/weekly/etc!

So yeah today being may day and also a bank holiday for some means I got the day off as it's "voluntary" to work, basically I did that last one so that's how I got this bank hol off.

Well on my day off I headed up to Edinburgh to meet a mate so we could just generally piss about and besides I had some stuff to trade in at gamestation! Namely a spare Dreamcast that my friend didn't want when he moved house. So I cleaned it up a bit, added of couple of DC duffers of games and an extra control pad.

Didn't get much for the package twenty something for a trade in but as my mate said (a different one than the one that gave me the DC) "It's better than a kick in the nuts"

So what did I use my trade in credit for you ask? Another sega console this time a sega multi mega! Pictured here (about the middle of the page) It's a rare megadrive/mega-cd hybrid console that damn sexy looking. Also it runs with ONE adaptor not the two that sega megadrive and megacd need solo!

You can play music CD's on it portably with two AA batteries and one assumes with HUGE pockets! I suppose it would come in handy if something goes wrong with a music system at a party or something!

I'm still playing at oblivion although I haven't done so for about 4-5 days now mostly due to that bane of my life that is work! In saying that apart from me having to apologize to some old git at some point this week work was fine apart from the shittiness of some of the shifts 1-10 on wed and then back in 7.45-5 on the thurs OUCH!

But I've had a relaxing weekend sadly it's all over now and back to work tomorrow 3-10 oh well I suppose I get a sleep in!