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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm not boy.

Hey ho!

Some of you (prob not many of you) may not what I'm referring to in the title. I picked up a neo geo pocket when I was in the "Kingdom of Fife" at Glenrothes visiting the aunts with my folks. It was one of those boring weekends where I didn't go out on sat night and did sod all so I more than made up for it on the Sunday when I was up in Glenrothes and picked up a neo geo pocket with samurai showdown 2 (unboxed) and metal slug first mission at gamestation (GAME doesn't so old consoles pfft)

The console it's self is nice and light and has some basic calendar function and time and date etc. The joystick is microswitched the buttons are responsive as I said earlier a joy to hold. The games are quirky and cool. One thing that does annoy me is there is no back light! But then this handheld was made in the late 90's to compete with the all mighty game boy colour. It's a shame that it didn't last longer on the market it's a pretty nifty machine! It's a 16bit processor inside but the games don't really look 16bit to me (I'm using the megadrive/snes as comparisons) but still a cool machine none the less. Did I mention it's cool?

Today I also got red dwarf series five with a corgi star bug! All for 8.99 bargain.

Oh if you're one of those lucky people to own a xbox 360 pick up DOA4 it's freeking sweet.

Well that was a rather geek infested rant this time something different for the next!


  • cool blog. I used to have a neo geo pocket but i sold it ages ago. Have you heard of a used to have one of those too. It was a crap monochrome handheld with a touchscreen, but to be honest it wasnt much cop.

    By Blogger Tomleecee, at 11:18 AM  

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