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Monday, January 16, 2006

Xbox 360 A scots verdict

So the Xbox 360 is it good or bad (fuck knows it took me long enough to get one but I'll get into that on another topic)

I thought I should at least complete a game before I wrote a verdict on the 360 although I doubt that matters TOO much.

The console it's self is loaded with a ton of a neat features. I'll talk about the hardware/software side of the console in this rant and about Perfect Dark Zero in my next.

Turning on the console can be done in two ways either by pressing or rather lightly touching the circle on the console switches it on OR you can switch it on via the control pad by simply pressing the "X" circle button on the pad! While this is a neat feature is does make one think that Microsoft see gamers as too lazy to get up off their asses to switch on the machine!

Also on the power button/pad you have a green half circle. On the power button the half circle indicates how many control pads you have and on the pad the half of the circle is what player you will be while playing a game e.g. top left player 1. You can stand up the console ala Playstation 2 and a neat feature is that the half circle moves to the correct position as well sweet!

You can now open the disk tray via the control pad a nice but unnecessary feature because for some reason you can't re-open it (at least to my knowledge) once a disk is in the drive without pressing the eject button on the console.

Setting up xbox live couldn't be easier. Well I only transferred my account over and that took a matter of seconds. Providing you have created a gamer account on the ms website you just have to fill in a few details and bam!! You're done!

On xbox live you can download demos of games (sadly not king Kong as of yet) and they've updated the xbox live arcade as well.

Another feature of the 360 is that you can connect USB items such as a mp3 player and use it to play music (duh) through the 360 player and it's excellent looking visualization mode it puts all the rest especially windows media one to shame! It was developed by Jeff minter a UK programmer hero who made attack of the mutant camels among other games.

You can play WMV movies but you need to have windows media centre on your pc and I don't so I can't comment on that feature!

The control is a absolute JOY to hold they've moved the black and white buttons to the top of the pad which is a bit strange at first but you get used to it. You are best getting a wireless pad even if you bought the core system as it feels so much better and you're not restricted by a wire. You can either use two AA batteries or you can buy a plug and play charge kit. Seeing as I've only had the console for about 6 days the AA batteries that I got with the console are still running fine and they look really cheap and nasty so I imagine something like Panasonic Xtreme batteries will last a good month or more.

So then do I like the Xbox 360? gee's didn't you read my blog?

Next Rant: Xbox 360 the games: Perfect Dark Zero


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