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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Introducing the worlds smallest dinobot snarl!

Isn't he the coolest? He's a high quality bootleg from Just-it-toys you can buy him at the TF Source or Xybertoys and other places I'm sure! It's for collectors only because he small parts and you might have to glue on a fin or two. But as long as he's for show only you shouldn't have to worry! A must for any transformer or bootleg toy collector!

Well enough about snarl I've had one SHITE day. Work sucks at the moment simply because we don't have a manager and everyone is basically out for themselves. The person in charge of our department had a holiday last week so a lot of shifts didn't get covered for this week. Which left me up the creek last week and today. Apparently it was mine and the other supervisors fault.

HOWEVER the person in charge had my hours worked out before she went on holiday so she could have had those shifts covered. Still what do I care? The place will be shutting in about years time give or take. So no team work, no help no fuck all you're shafted essentially. Oh encase you don't know my job is working in a supermarket, as a checkout supervisor so after reading that and the paragraph prior you'll get why I'm pissed.

Game wise has been sloooooooooooooowwwwwwww mainly because I haven't had time. Downloaded need for speed most wanted demo on the xbox360 M.P It's pretty cool I'll prob buy it down the line.

Still on the plus side today I had a fantastic driving lesson so that's something,

Later all!


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