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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!....................Or NOT!

Hello folks,

I know its been a while since my last rant but I didn't really have anything to rant about, well apart from yesterday when I got moaned at for not counting some scratchcards at work right on the weekend but that's another rant.

So then Valentines day eh? Well it's about some guy called st.valentines maybe he got laid or something on the 14th I dunno but the history is now irrelevant. Basically it's a "holiday" for a select few and perhaps a painful day for others. It simply nowadays points out who has someone special and who hasn't in their life a tad rubbing it in perhaps?

And yes I am one of those ones who hasn't can you tell? :p

So what does the single male (or indeed female) do to pass this day of rubbing-my-noise-in-it day? Buy something of course! Seeing as another one of my mp3 players got broke and I bought a new one last week I couldn't really go nuts so I got a game for my shiny white Xbox 360.

Kameo Elements of Power or Kameo for short. I haven't played much of it today due to other things among work and self wallowing. But its a pretty good game none the less. Very Disney esque looking but with an adult edge. Story is hardly Shakespeare. But basically Kameo has got these "elemental animal" powers passed on to her by her folks and her hotter looking sister is not best pleased with this so she becomes evil and unleashes a really evil troll to help take over the kingdom and capture her family bar kameo of course. It's your basic vandamme plot but does the business.

I'll lament further on the game once I've completed it!

and indeed for you couples out there I hope you're having/had a good valentines day!


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